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Hämeenlinna Artotheque presents fine art from Kanta-Häme

Hämeenlinna Artotheque, located at the Verkatehdas Cultural Center, fully presents contemporary art. Artotheque has worked in Hämeenlinna for 13 years. It presents over 90 artists and 700 artworks from Kanta-Häme, Helsinki, Hyvinkää and Tampere. Artotheque includes paintings, sculptures, photography and graphics. Among the new artists are Laura Pohjonen, Jesse Eskelinen and a ceramic designer Anni Honkajuuri.

Curators change the Artotheque exposition three times a year. However, the selection of artworks is always in process according to customer purchase and new works brought by artists. In March 2021 Salla Laurinolli, an artist from Hämeenlinna and vice-chairman of Ars-Häme ry, together with Harri Moilanen, a long-term Artotheque manager, changed the exposition in the Artotheque. The works were arranged according to the subject and colour – it helped to create a sequence. The gallery entrance area remained almost empty from artworks – in order to make it calm and light.

It is possible to limit the selection of artworks online using comprehensive search options.

Artotheque is maintained by Ars-Häme ry. It currently uses the nationwide Artotheque online platform. It allows artists’ associations across Finland to maintain their own Artotheques with the same operating methods and tools.

The renewed website has the familiar address Now it is even easier to find artwork which is suitable for your own home or other everyday environments – for example, according to the artist, the subject of the work and the price of the work. There are currently a total of 743 works on Artotheque’s website.

This year Artotheque novelties include an artwork hanging service at customers’ house and virtual art demonstrations. GalleriaKONE is a contemporary art gallery since 2008. It works in connection with the Artotheque.

You can easily get art directly from artists at Hämeenlinna Artotheque. You should also contact the Artotheque if you are interested in ordering a work from a local artist. The Artotheque in Hämeenlinna can be found on the Visit Häme website and Tripadvisor.