Ars-Häme ry accepts new members once a year. The application deadline is the end of September.

The application includes an artist statement and / or a brief description of him/ herself as an artist, motivation letter. In addition, 10-15 images of the artworks with the information about them, and a CV.

All professional artists can apply for the membership. The association works mainly in the Häme region. The autumn meeting of the association chooses new members by a 2/3 majority of votes.

You can send a membership application either by post or by e-mail. We hope that the electronic application will be a single pdf file (incl. motivation letter, artist statement, CV, artwork images with work information).

Membership application to Ars-Häme ry is submitted on 30.09. to:

Ars-Häme ry
Hallituskatu 14
13100 Hämeenlinna

electronic applications: